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  • MAB Episode 005
    MAB Episode 005 Modern Art Blitz Host Mat Gleason welcomes guests Greg Escalante (4:09) and SHAG (26:00). Greg is a co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine and owns two galleries in Southern California - Copro Gallery and Gregorio Escalante Gallery. SHAG is a legend of LowBrow art, fusing modernism with fun in a signature style recognized around the globe. Co-Hist Lisa Derrick and Intern Rebekah join in the fun too!
  • MAB Episode 004
    MAB Episode 004 Guest artists Leslie Lanxinger (7:30) and Anthony Ausgang (28:39) join Mat Gleason and co-host Lisa Derrick to talk art.
  • MAB Episode 003
    MAB Episode 003 Guests on this episode are artist and curator Michael Massenburg (5:25) and artist April Bey (26:39). Mat Gleason also talks about art at Coachella with co-host Lisa Derrick (1:17).
  • MAB Episode 002
    MAB Episode 002 Modern Art Blitz Episode 002 - Hosted by Mat Gleason, co-hosted by Lisa Derrick. (Episode gets going at 5:55) Today we look back on artists who passed away in 2015 and are joined by Podcaster Michael Phillips (8:35). Our guest artist is Carol Es (34:40) and a surprise visit from Vicki Barkley (35:52) sees Carol being sketched during her interview.
  • MAB Episode 001
    MAB Episode 001 Episode 001 (gets going at 5:55): Special Guest Carol Diehl (enters at 7:43) and Guest Artist Abel Alejandre (enters at 27:11) join host Mat Gleason, Co-Host Lisa Derrick (speaks up first at 6:20) and Intern Rebekah (24:35).