Modern Art Blitz with Mat Gleason  premiered on December 27th, 2015.

Modern Art Blitz is filmed live from the Boyle Heights’ Dromebox Labs studio for webTV. Built in 1939, the studio is housed in the old Monterey Theatre, one of Los Angeles’ last standing neighborhood houses. In the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, it was a nightclub and later became a church until they moved out in 2009.

The show just completed it’s second season. Guests have included: Carol Diehl; Greg Escalante; SHAG; Pilar Tompkins; Michael Phillips; Carol Es; Michael Massenburg; April Bey; Rochelle Botello; Richard Ankrom; Robbie Conal; Ron Athey; Kent Twitchell; Andi Campognone; Dosshaus; Renée Fox; Sheree Rose; Edward Hayes; Jorge Gutierrez; Christopher Ulrich; Chet Zar; Alice Bag; Andy Moses; Isabel Rojas-Williams; Mark Steven Greenfield; Alyson Souza; Linda Vallejo; ManOne to name a few.

Art Critic, Gallerist and TV personality, Mat Gleason, founded contemporary art magazine Coagula Art Journal in 1992; which he kept going for about twenty years. Recently, he starred as a judge in the Game Show Network’s “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” with show host RuPaul Charles. He will also be a judge on the upcoming season of the body painting competition show. The one-hour television event is a spin-off of the network’s most popular program, “Skin Wars.” Mat Gleason’s gallery Coagula Curatorial is located on Chung King Road in Chinatown near downtown LA. Full disclosure, Coagula Curatorial represents yours truly.

The LIVE webcast broadcasts Sundays at 5PM at DromeBox.com. The format is a talk show about contemporary art and artists. If you miss the live show don’t worry, it is usually archived within 48 hours and available on YouTube channel Coagula Curatorial THE Modern Art Blitz.

If you are interested in hearing artists discuss their work and hear about contemporary art with a little attitude tune in at dromebox.com next Sunday at 7PM! Drome Box Labs broadcasts LIVE Wed-Sun 4pm-1am

-Abel Alejandre Executive Producer